Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Babylicious baby bedding products speak to bumper-pad safety question

There has been so much in the news lately about the safety of bumper pads in cribs. Poor J Lo is being made an example of. Well, the the trend in the US to not use fluffy, pillow-like bumper pads in the crib was a long time coming. Canada, Australia and Europe have been recommending that new parents not use bumpers for years.

As a Canadian company, Babylicious addressed this issue last year, launching CRIB FRINGE. It can be challenging when you are excited about having a new baby and want to get your nursery all done up....if you take out the bumper, the crib can look empty. In fact, the bumper is the main decorative element in a nursery and baby's room can feel stark without it. Understanding this, we created Crib Fringe that matches our crib sets (many parents opt for bumpers when their baby is older to help prevent getting limbs caught in between slats).

The Crib Fringe set contains 2 pennant-like fringe pieces that tie to the upper rails of the long sides of the crib. It coordinates with the sheet and skirt for a complete look.

And we took our safer concept one step further. So many people know that you shouldn't use a quilt on your young baby. Yet the typical retail pattern is to package 4 pieces together: a bumper, a sheet, a crib skirt and a quilt. That is 2 of 4 things that are not recommended to have in your young baby's crib! So we launched the "Modern Bedding Bundle," which has a Crib Fringe, a Fitted Sheet, a Crib Skirt and a Sleep Cozy. The Babylicious Sleep Cozy is the ideal and safe way for baby to stay warm and to not risk baby getting his/her blanket over his/her face.

Crib Fringe: Wholesale prices starting at $30 US ($59.99 MSRP)/$33 CDN ($65.99 MSRP)
Modern Bedding Bundle: Wholesale price at $90 US ($179.99 MSRP)/$99 CDN ($197.99 MSRP)
To see these items and which patterns they come in, simply visit www.babylicious.ca. To buy any of the items you can call Babylicious at 1-866-289-5210.

-Tina, Owner

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