Monday, April 21, 2008

Let your kids ‘get messy’ with bubbles!

I love working with my retail clients at Babylicious, but nothing beats weekends with my two children, my son (4) and daughter (2).

Last weekend, spring seemed to have arrived on the west coast (you wouldn’t know it by the cutting cold temperatures this Monday morning though), and my children and I celebrated with one of our favourite outdoor activities: blowing bubbles!

My kids chased them as they floated through the air, trying to catch them in their hands. It was fun, but inevitably messy and wet. That’s where the Babylicious Get Messy Bib (shown at left in Groovy Blue and Groovy Pink; also available in Happy) came in handy. The bib features sleeves, gives total torso coverage, and sports a handy front pocket (good for holding all those small bubble-blowing wands) and is made of nylon, which helps keep the moisture off the kids.

So, why are bubbles so fascinating to children? Is it the circular shape, the way they glisten when the sun hits them, the way they float lightly through the air, or the way they pop? Whatever it is, they are always welcome at our house and always a big hit with my kids, their friends and their parents, too.

-Elizabeth, Account Manager

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