Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby brain

Well, one thing is for sure, I know I am having a baby girl or boy. I’m so glad the decision is not up to me! Making a decision while pregnant is like driving on the left-hand side of the road: it is simply not something I'm great at.

My husband, who is not used to being asked his opinion on decorating, paint colours, or grocery lists, is finding it unusual that I am bouncing everything household-related off him these days. I usually have a well-stocked imaginary list that I run off of each day—it's in my head, constantly spinning around. And of course, because it’s in my head, he can’t see it and therefore never really knows what is on that list.

“I'm never really sure what's on that list, I just know it's really long!” was my husband’s innocent response to a friend’s question about what is on this elusive task list.

So I have 11 weeks to go before second baby arrives, and I'm getting nervous. Nervous because all those things on my imaginary list will not get done, which means I will have to make some tough decisions as to what to get done now and what we will have to leave for now.

But the next decision I must make—and it's a major one—is how to decorate the nursery. Pink Cocoa, Prince Charming, or Go Fish? The new Babylicious Boutique patterns are all equally adorable, playful, and so sweet. But secretly, I am hoping for a girl, because I really have fallen in love with Pink Cocoa just a tiny bit more.

Is it right to wish for a girl so I can decorate another nursery again in soft feminine shades of pink and white? Shame on me!

I really don't know if I have the heart to ask my husband to paint the room after the baby arrives. We will be so sleep-deprived and just trying to get through the first few months of re-adjustment. I'm almost tempted to find out the sex now, just for the sake of sanity!

But alas, there are only a few cherished moments in life as sweet as this. I just feel so thankful to be able to have children as I know some who cannot.

August 8, 2008: The moment that will take my breath away to find out it's a …

Stay tuned; I will be sure to send a photo along. And then you’ll see what my choice for nursery décor is!

-Jennifer Lasko, Account Manager

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