Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Buy all Babylicious products in one place!

We are proud to announce www.babyliciousgear.com, our new online store, where parents can shop all our products in one place.

"Our online store gives customers access to all Babylicious products -- we have more than 200+ items!" says Tina Barkley, Babylicious President. "This way, customers who don't have a Babylicious retailer near them can still buy our products and have them shipped. Babylicious was launched in 2006 and has seen such tremendous growth, that it's impossible to expect our retail partners to carry every single product!"

Visit www.babyliciousgear.com to see what we have in store! To find a retailer near you (and to touch and feel the product not to mention to skip the cost of shipping), click on STORE LOCATOR at the bottom of the home page.

Win Babylicious: Until December 24, 2008, visit our site to enter to win a full Babylicious collection.

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